Welcome to the @startupfeminist Community

We aim to create a thriving community across platforms to inspire and empower women from all walks of life to create a sustainable career and business for themselves. Whether that's here in our online learning academy, our FB Group or on Instagram, we want you to learn from and inspire other women. 

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on our courses and templates that we’ve created to help you build and scale your business. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower and inspire women to build a sustainable career & business.
We share our passion for sharing knowledge with women from all walks of life. All our courses are planned, recorded and edited based on 3 core principles:
  • No false promises - we tell it as it is and will never promise you six-figure revenue in a month or 2,000 IG followers in 10 days
  • Bite-sized lessons - we want you to stay full of energy & take it all in, so each lesson is 10 - 15 mins
  • Ready to be implemented - you'll be putting everything you learn into action as you go along

Meet the Founders

Anna Maria 

I grew up bilingual, travelled a lot to other countries for study and work purposes and worked as a specialist and manager with international teams. I love to bring light into the darkness and break down complex topics into simple facts.


I am an internationally trained Expert in digital and (social media) marketing strategies and a fierce advocate for equality and diversity in and out of the workplace. I love to train & mentor (aspiring) female leaders and business owners and help them gain confidence & clear purpose in everything they do.
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